Four Reasons to Choose a T-Mobile Cell Phone

Today’s cell phone manufacturers and retailers offer so many models, choices and options that shopping for your next wireless device can be a daunting experience. However, you can simplify this process by selecting your carrier first–and in this article I will suggest four solid reasons to choose T-Mobile for your next cell phone.

When you are shopping for a new cell phone, you are essentially looking for a product that:

1 – Works well when you need it and where you need it

2 – Is backed by a company that offers you good customer service

3 – Is the one you need among a good selection of today’s most advanced models

4 – Offers you flexible plans with features that you will really use

Of course, in the competitive world of telecommunications all of America’s major cell phone carriers offer you this to some degree. However, T-Mobile is certainly the one that not only meets these requirements, but does so in spades.

T-Mobile Call Quality

In 2006, J. D. Power and Associates has named T-Mobile the best company in terms of cell phone call quality in several top-markets in the United States (West, Southwest and Northeast). This of course means that with a T-Mobile cell phone you have a greater chance to enjoy clear cell phone communications while experiencing fewer dropped calls, and that you will have a greater chance to have good reception even inside a building.

But what few cell phone users know is that cell phone call quality also affects your ability to retrieve text and voice messages. The higher the quality, the quicker and more trouble-free you will be able to get the messages, which would otherwise remain in the ether for hours–sometimes even days.

T-Mobile Award-winning Customer Service

Besides call quality, the area where T-Mobile really shines is in the quality of their customer service. For several consecutive years, T-Mobile has been awarded the prize of best in customer care among all US cell phone service carriers–again, by independent marketing firm J. D. Power and Associates.

This study evaluates T-Mobile and the other cell phone carriers in term of variables that are important to every person who tries to contact a large company’s customer service department. If you think of what often frustrates you when you do so, that’s what I’m talking about. The variables in which T-Mobile scores particularly well are low on-hold time, high online problem resolution and high functionality of the Interactive Voice Response feature. But perhaps the most important factor is the overall positive experience created by the service representative.

In a world where profit and the bottom line are often the main focus of corporations large and small, it is refreshing to know that there are companies like T-Mobile that invest a great deal in after-sales service. This alone, to me, is a reason to pick T-Mobile for your next cell phone carrier. But read on.

T-Mobile Cell Phone Lineup

T-Mobile boasts one of the most diverse, comprehensive and innovative cell phone lines on the market today. First of all, virtually every major manufacturer is represented–including Motorola, BlackBerry, Nokia, Palm, Samsung and several others. So yes, if you are looking for a swanky RAZR in different colors, a businesslike BlackBerry in different configurations or pretty much any other flavor and style cell phone, you’ll find it in the T-Mobile lineup.

But T-Mobile also carries their own branded cell phones–most notably the super-cool MDA and SDA Windows-based smartphones that combine a PDA’s functionality with the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Windows applications.

T-Mobile Plans

Ultimately, a cell phone is only as good–and as good a value–as the plan that supports it. So besides the dazzling features offered by today’s phones, it is always important to review the plans behind them, or else you may be in for some not so good surprises. Following their strong customer-service focus, T-Mobile offers some unique benefits in their plans that are worth taking a good look at.

Undoubtedly, the most talked about of T-Mobile’s cell phone plan features is myFaves. The myFaves feature allows you to pick five phone numbers that you can call for free at any time, regardless of who their phone carrier is. In other words, besides the free in-network calls that you get with T-Mobile (as well as most other carriers), with myFaves you also get to talk for free to the five out-of-network contacts you call most often. This means that with a myFaves enabled T-Mobile cell phone, you have a much better chance of remaining within your allotted allowance of monthly minutes than with any other cell phone carrier.

The myFaves feature is available both for individual plans and family plans, which in my mind makes it an extremely attractive proposition. And naturally, T-Mobile cell phone plans also include a selection of other features such as free weekends and evenings, nationwide long distance, data and messaging and other items that allow you to select the plan that is best for you.

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